Tesla Window Tint, PPF & Ceramic Coating

Tesla Window Tinting

As a Tesla owner, you’ve invested in a high-end, innovative vehicle that deserves premium care and protection. At Precision Auto Styling, we share Tesla’s dedication to quality and innovation. We understand the specific needs of Tesla vehicles, offering tailored window tinting and PPF services designed to enhance and protect these extraordinary machines.

Trusted Tesla Window Tinting Services

At Precision Auto Styling, we understand the unique challenges posed by Tesla vehicles, including large rear windows and distinctive designs. Our professionals have the experience, knowledge, and skills to handle the specific requirements of Tesla cars, ensuring a flawless installation that complements the aesthetics and performance of your all Tesla Models. Trust our professional technicians to deliver unmatched expertise and precision when tinting your Tesla vehicle.

Enhance Your Tesla & Driving Experience

When it comes to elevating the look, comfort, and protection of your Tesla vehicle, our automotive window tints offer a comprehensive range of benefits that are hard to ignore.
Reduced Heat:
Our window films are designed to block a significant amount of solar heat, providing a cooler and more comfortable interior temperature. By rejecting a large percentage of the sun’s heat from the Tesla’s windows, these films help maintain a consistent temperature inside your Tesla, reducing the strain on your air conditioning system and improving fuel efficiency.
Protection from Harmful UV Rays
The sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays are known to cause skin aging, sunburn, and even skin cancer. Our window films offer up to 99% UV light rejection, shielding you and your passengers from the damaging effects of the sun. Additionally, UV rays can cause your car’s interior to fade, crack, or warp over time. With window tinting, your vehicle’s interior will look newer for longer.
Privacy and Security
Window tinting provides an added layer of privacy and security for your Tesla automobile. Our films come in a variety of shades, allowing you to choose the level of privacy that suits your needs. Tinted windows make it harder for prying eyes to see inside your vehicle, protecting you and your belongings from potential threats.
Enhanced Aesthetics
Our window tinting not only provides practical benefits like glare reduction but also enhances the aesthetics of your Tesla. Tinted windows give your vehicle a sleek, sophisticated look that sets it apart from the rest. Whether you prefer a subtle or dramatic change, window films offer a range of options to suit your personal style.

Offering the Best Window Films on the Market

We only offer the best of the best, with access to premium-quality window films and paint protection films that are effective, durable, and long-lasting. Our selection of professional-grade window films ensures that we have the perfect product to match your Tesla’s unique needs, from reducing heat and UV exposure to enhancing privacy and aesthetics.

Custom Tesla Solutions

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and preferences, delivering a solution that exceeds their expectations. Serving Tesla owners is a privilege, and we are committed to preserving the beauty, functionality, and performance of these remarkable vehicles. Invest in Precision Auto Styling for unparalleled expertise, tailored services, and high-quality products that meet the premium standards of your Tesla.

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Tesla Paint Protection Film

Go the Extra Mile: Paint Protection Film Services for Your Tesla

Protect and enhance your Tesla even further with paint protection film services from Precision Auto Styling. Safeguarding your Tesla against everyday wear and tear is essential in preserving its appearance and resale value. Tesla is an investment, and ensuring the utmost care for its aesthetic appearance is made easy through our PPF services.

Protection Against Rock Chips and Scratches
Whether it’s flying gravel, debris, or minor collisions, these incidents can result in unsightly rock chips and scratches on your Tesla’s paintwork. PPF acts as a protective barrier, absorbing the impact of these elements and preventing them from reaching the paint surface.
Preserving Appearance and Resale Value
The appearance of your Tesla plays a crucial role in determining its resale value. PPF helps maintain the original paintwork, ensuring your vehicle looks as good as new. By preventing scratches, rock chips, and other damage, PPF keeps your Tesla in top condition, preserving its appearance and maximizing its resale value.
Self-Healing PPF
One of the most remarkable features of modern PPF is its self-healing properties. This innovative technology allows the film to automatically remove minor scratches and swirl marks, returning to its original state when exposed to heat. With self-healing PPF, your Tesla’s paintwork remains flawless and vibrant, even after minor incidents.

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Tesla Ceramic Coating

Tesla has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, and anyone who frequents the streets of Alpharetta, Georgia, and the surrounding areas can certainly agree. Maintaining Your Tesla’s Shine in Alpharetta is a Challenge, but We Make it Easier.

Now that these profound electric vehicles have cemented their mark in the auto industry, opening the door to future vehicle innovations, the question remains: What does protecting the long-term integrity and value of them look like? Coating the exterior painted and paint protected surfaces with a hard, glossy, hydrophobic ceramic coating is a great place to begin.

The Benefits of Ceramic Coating your Tesla is:

Maintain The Exterior Better
Many who purchase a Tesla for the first time see it as a prized possession due to its uniqueness in the automotive industry. An XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating package from us here at Precision Auto Styling will help preserve that sanctity across your entire exterior, keeping those surfaces fresh for years with minimal maintenance.
Prevent Stains From Happening
Your Tesla may be your pride and joy, but let’s face it: You still need to DRIVE it. That is its purpose, after all. While you drive, environmental and chemical contaminants do come in contact with its exterior, running the risk of paint stains and degradation. Our ceramic coating formulas harden into a deep hydrophobic surface, repelling all contaminants and keeping them away from your original paintwork.
Exponential Shine On All Exterior Coated Surfaces
Tesla uses special paint that really shows off its sleek, unique automobile design; however, a ceramic coating can take it a step further. Using comprehensive nanotechnology that bonds securely and evenly with all surfaces it is applied to, our XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating packages are all known for enhancing the depth of your paintwork, which in turn increases the already exceptional value of your Tesla vehicle.

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