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Precision Auto Styling Has a Cutting-Edge Shop In Cumming, Forsyth County Georgia, Focusing on the Installation of Window Tint, Clear Bra Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coatings. Our Experience and Attention to Detail is What Sets Us Apart.

At Precision Auto Styling our specialty is the application of automotive films. These include clear paint protection film (PPF), window tint and windshield protection. With modern automotive film technology, we can protect your vehicle’s paint and windshield.

As a one-stop shop solution, we offer top quality paint correction. Before you coat a vehicle, it should be paint corrected to perfection. This will yield the best look and long-lasting results. Put simply, you will want your paint to be perfect before the installation of film or a coating.

For further protection, we offer graphene enforced ceramic coatings. Ceramic coatings not only aid in keeping your vehicle clean but they represent a good solution for areas that are not normally covered with film. Not only that, but we can also treat PPF and vinyl with a ceramic coating to increase the film’s longevity and help keep the surface clean. This applies to both wrap vinyl and paint protection film. Vinyl is generally more porous than automotive paint. A ceramic coat seals those pores permanently and yields a perfectly slick surface that will remain cleaner longer.

Our team of renown detailing and paint correction experts are here to achieve excellent results. We know your vehicle’s finish can be elevated beyond anything you’ve ever seen before. The result is a perfect finish that, with proper care, will remain that way for years to come. We also offer services such as brake caliper painting for that much sought-after finishing touch. The list of core Precision Auto Styling services is below. Check out each section and click on any of the services to visit the detailed page to learn more about that service.

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Ceramic Coating Services
Ceramic Coatings

IGl Ceramic Coating is a technologically advanced permanent protective coating that is harder than clear coat and extremely resistant to scratches. We offer full services for the application of IGL Ceramic Coating to protect paint, wraps or paint protection film. Our ceramic coatings also prevent contaminants from penetrating and affecting your paint. We also offer paint correction services since a ceramic coating should only be applied to a perfect finish. IGL Ceramic is chemically engineered to provide a better and more durable base coat than anything else on the market.

Window Tint

Window tint is likely the number one vehicle modification in the automotive industry. That said, it is not a commodity. The same care in craftsmanship and material quality that’s applied to clear bra should also be used for window tint. In other words, not every window tint service is the same. At PAS, we use the very best window tinting film in the industry. Combine this with installers who possess years of experience in working on cars and you have the ideal recipe for a perfectly tinted windows on any vehicle.

Paint Protection Film

Keep your vehicle’s finish looking showroom new with paint protection film. Otherwise known as clear bra, clear paint protection film is self-healing and will protect your car’s original paint from the elements. Damage protection includes rock chips, bugs, tar and minor scratches. You can do just the front end, or the entire car! Paint protection film installation on exotic cars is what we’ve built our reputation upon. We offer Xpel Ultimate Plus for a gloss finish. If your vehicle is matte, or you desire the matte look, you can opt for Xpel Stealth satin film.

Ceramic Coating
Paint Correction

Paint correction is one of the most important steps before the installation of paint protection film or the application of a ceramic coating. Achieving a perfect finish is especially important before the application of ceramic coating given you want to avoid sealing in imperfections in the paint. At PAS our team of professional detailers know exactly what your paint needs to look its absolute best. For those who need it, we also offer paint restoration for older luxury vehicles and collectibles. You would be surprised as to how much we can improve older paint that has light scratches, rock chips and pitting.