Cleaning Tinted Windows of your Car: A Must Read Guide

Cleaning Tinted Windows

Cleaning tinted windows of a car is part of regular maintenance. Tinted windows offer privacy, protect the interior of the car from sunlight as well as enhancing the look of the vehicle. Yet, when left uncleaned, such windows become streaky and eventually cause damages that ultimately affect their performance and outlook.

This article focuses on appropriate procedures for the efficient cleaning of tinted windows, some helpful tips to preserve the good quality of tinted windows and their longevity. All car owners should read this guide whether they are installing new tinted windows or cleaning their existing ones.

Why is it important to clean tinted windows?

Tinted windows provide shade and privacy while protecting your car interior from the rays of UV. But, if dirt, dust or grime settles on your tinted windows’ surface then they can deface the same as well.

Dirty tinted windows can also bother your vision when you are driving, mainly at night. This is also dangerous to your own safety and other road users. Therefore, regular cleaning tinted windows is important if at all their performance and the look of your whole car should be maintained.

For this reason, proper cleaning of car tinted windows ensures that the facility is not only aesthetic but also safe and well-maintained.

What you should not use on tinted windows?

Along with knowing what is best to use when cleaning car tinted windows, it’s also important to know what should be avoided. The film can be easily damaged by abrasive cleaners, ammonia-based products and harsh cleaning materials such as rough paper towels, scrub brushes or sponges.

Ammonia can degrade the adhesive which keeps the tinted film in place, causing bubbles or even peeling off of the film. Likewise, hazy and distorted films occur in cases where, abrasive cleaners and rough cleaning materials scratch the tinting windows. Thus, it is better not to put these products to service, while cleaning the car’s tinted windows.

In addition, a lot of vehicle owners think that it is safe to clean tinted windows using regular glass cleaners or cheap vinegar with water. Yet it is also likely to harm the film for most of them are acidic. The use of tinted window-based products or consulting experts before using any cleaner is important.

Different types of tinted films may have special cleaning needs; hence, you should stick to the manufacturer’s issued manual or consult with a specialist if unsure. It can save you from damaging the tinted film, or even better – let an expert guide you about its care. Once you know what not to use on tinted windows, let’s take a look at what products are safe to use and the proper way to clean them.

What are the best cleaners for tinted windows?

What to use to clean tinted windows? This is one of the many questions that car owners ask quite often. Ideally, one should utilize a neutral-pH cleaner designed explicitly for the job. They are soft on the film, have no caustic chemicals in them, and do not cause any damage whatsoever. Below are some popular and safe options for cleaning tinted windows:

  1. Tint-safe glass cleaner – It is meant to be used for windows with UV coating. The chemical has a neutral pH, no abrasives causing damage to the film.
  2. The use of isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol solutions is preferred by many people when they make their own cleaning solution because it is safe. A safe cleaning solution can be made by mixing equal amounts of isopropyl alcohol and water.
  3. Microfiber cloth – A microfiber cloth is soft on the film and it does not create scratches. Never use paper towels or rough clothes since they can scratch the car film.
  4. Ammonia-free glass cleaner – Some store-bought glass cleaners have ammonia in them and it is rough on tinted windows. If you are buying a ready-made glass cleaner, it is advisable to select one without ammonia.
  5. An alternative homemade mixture for removal of dirt from tainted windows is water and vinegar solution. For safe and effective cleaning, mix up one part of high-quality white vinegar with three of water.

Professional Step-by-Step Process to Clean tinted windows

It’s important to understand how to clean tinted windows inside the car. Here’s a step-by-step process to follow:

1. Gather Your Supplies:

You will need the following items:

     A soft, lint-free cloth or microfiber towel


     Mild soap or a window cleaner specifically designed for tinted windows

     A bucket of warm water

     Rubber gloves (optional)

2. Understand Your Window Tint:

You should also know what kind of tint is placed on your windows before you can begin. However, different tints vary on sensitivity, allowing you to select relevant cleaners.

3. Choose the Right Cleaning Solution:

The tint film on the window will get destroyed if you clean it with ammonia-based liquids or harsh detergents. Choose mild soap or a special window cleaner formulated for tinted windows instead.

4. Prepare the Cleaning Solution:

To start with, mix a little bit of the selected detergent with warm water in your pail. The solution needs to be mixed well and thereafter should not become too soapy to avoid over-soaping.

5. Wet the Window:

Put your cloth in the soapy water solution, and then squeeze it out. Use cotton and water to very softly scrub the entire window frame without saturating it.

6. Clean the Window:

Use your wet cloth, start cleaning the window. Start from top and proceed in the downward direction so that it does not result in streaking. Gently rub should be made in order not to scratch away the tint.

7. Use a Squeegee:

Squeegee helps to remove excess water and prevents the appearance of streaks. Pull it down in a straight line with the help of your hand at the upper part of the window. Use a new cloth and wipe the blade of the squeegee after every stroke.

8. Dry the Window:

Dry the window with a clean, dry microfiber towel or lint-free cloth. Just be aware to dry gently, not rubbed, the tint for it is damageable.

9. Inspect Your Work:

Step away from the window after drying it and check how your work looks. Check whether all streaks and other spots are gone by looking out of the house through different angles at the window.

10. Regular Maintenance:

You should wash these windows at least once a month to keep them in good condition. On top of that, do not roll down freshly tinted glass to ensure there will be no damage.

How to clean tinted windows at home?

Cleaning of tinted windows at home should be done gently without causing any damage. Stay away from rough cleaning agents containing ammonia and vinegar since they destroy color or scratch the tinted films. For instance, choose very soft soap, lukewarm water solution or window cleaner. Spray it on a soft cloth or sponge at first, not on the glass window to avoid moisture creeping in the edges of the film.

Use a soft and clean cloth or sponge, when washing for gentle circular movement over the window. When using it, do not apply excessive pressure or scrub hard because the tint may be scratched. Wash off the selected cleaning solution using clean water, then wipe dry immediately with a separate cloth to prevent water spots.

As long as you clean your windows regularly using proper products and methods, the color will last. Ensure you always do spot check on an inconspicuous area to guarantee that cleaning agents would not peel off your window tints.

Wrapping up!

Tinted window cleaning might sound difficult; however, it is not too hard if you have the correct products and approaches to do it at home. Make sure to do regular clean-ups of the tinted windows to keep them freshly looking and serve you for life. Contact us now and our specialist will help you with any problems.