What is Paint Correction and How Can it Transform Your Car?

Getting your car paint correction can make your car look like it just rolled off the factory floor. But what exactly is paint correction and how does it work? In this blog post, we will explain what paint correction is and how it can be beneficial for your vehicle.

What Does Paint Correction Do?

Paint correction is an auto detailing process that removes surface-level imperfections such as scratches, swirls marks and oxidation from the vehicle’s painted surface. It involves a combination of machine polishing and wet sanding in order to restore the paintwork to its original condition. The end result is a smooth finish with an even gloss and shine. This process can be used on new cars but also on older vehicles that have been neglected. Once the paintwork is corrected, it will look like new again!

How to Know if You Need Paint Correction

The best way to know if you need paint correction is through visual inspection. Look for signs of scratches and swirl marks on your vehicle’s painted surfaces. These imperfections are often caused by improper washing techniques or exposure to environmental elements such as sun damage or bird droppings. If you noticed any visible signs of damage then it may be time for paint correction service.

However, before you go ahead and schedule a service, we recommend that you take your car to professional detailing or body shop for an evaluation. They’ll be able to tell you for sure whether or not your car needs paint correction and, if so, how severe the damage is.

Benefits of Paint Correction

Getting a professional paint correction has several benefits including restoring the finish back to its original condition, removing any visible imperfection from the surface and improving the overall appearance of your vehicle. Additionally, it can help protect your car’s painted surfaces from future damage by creating an extra layer of protection against enviornmental elements such as sun damage or bird droppings. Lastly, it can help increase the value of your vehicle should you ever decide to sell it!

How to Get the Most Out Of A Service

In order to get the most out of your paint correction service there are several steps you should take beforehand in order to ensure that you get maximum results from each step in the process. 

1- Make sure that all surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned prior to beginning any machine polishing or wet sanding procedures – this will help ensure that any dirt particles do not cause further damage during these steps.

2- Make sure that all waxes and sealants have been removed before starting so that they cannot interfere with any polishing processes.

3- Lastly make sure that all areas being worked on are free from dust before beginning – this will help pervent  dust particles from becoming embedded in freshly polished surfaces!

Car Paint Protection

Paint Correction Cost

The cost of getting a full paint correction service depends on many factors including size/type/condition of vehicle being worked on as well as services being provided (i.e,: single stage vs multi-stage).

At Precision Auto Styling we provide paint correction services as a top-up on over ceramic coating services so that you get a better coating of paint protection that lasts longer.

Factors That Affect The Price of Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating

There are severa factors which affect price when getting a full detail package done: 

1- Size of vehicle plays a major role in determining the cost of services since it directly impacts the amount of time required for each step within process (i.e.: large vehicles require more time while smaller vehicles require less).

2- Services being provided also affect price since some services may require additional steps than others (i.e.: single stage vs multi-stage).

3- Lastly location where services are being performed also affects prices due to differing labor rates associated with different parts.

All these things considered total price range should generally fall somewhere between – to – depending upon details mentioned above!

How Long Does A Typical Paint Correction Job Take?

A Typical job usually takes between 6-10 hours however this can vary greatly depending upon type, size, and condition of the vehicle being serviced as well as services being provided (i.e.: single stage vs multi stage).

How Long Will Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating Results Last?

When done correctly, results achieved through proper car paint correction and ceramic coating will last up to 5 years under normal conditions; However this timeline can vary greatly depending upon climate where car is located (i e humid climates tend wear down protective coating quicker than dry climates), although regular maintenance such as regular waxing & sealing will help extend life expectancy significantly!

Precision Auto Styling provides car paint correction and ceramic coating services in Cumming and Alpharetta Georgia for those interested in taking advantage of our expertise & experience generating quality results every time!